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Nicotrol Gum

Nicotrol gum is a rebranded version of nicorette, produced by the same manufacturer, that helps to control your cravings so you can work on staying off the cigarettes. Nicotine withdrawal can be unpleasant and make you feel lousy so its important to deal with the symptoms. You need to focus your energy toward a smoke free you. Nicotrol has been clinically proven to increase your chances of quitting smoking by gradually weaning you off nicotine in a controlled way. Don't go "cold turkey"... Nicotrol gum can slowly ease you into a healthier, smoke-free life.  Why choose nicotrol gum?  What is NTR?  Symptoms of Nicotine withdrawal.

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Why choose nicotrol gum?

Rebranded form of the well-known Nicorette brand of gum.
Produced by the same manufacturer
The same high production standards as the original product.
The gum works to counteract your cravings for a cigarette by supplying less nicotine than cigarettes in a much healthier form
No more inhaling 4000 toxic and carcinogenic chemicals every time you inhale on a cigarette.

What is NTR?

Nicotine replacement therapy (NTR) helps supplement your nicotine levels as you quit. After years of smoking your body is used to having nicotine in its system and the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms can make it hard to quit. Nicotine gum acts as a type of NTR that helps you wean yourself off nicotine gradually thereby reducing the severity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The nicotine in Nicotrol gum is released when you chew the gum and passes through the lining of the mouth and into the bloodstream.

Symptoms of Nicotine withdrawal may include

Mild depression
Mood swings and irritability. Page updated 07/10/15 6:08:16 a.m.
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