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3 Reasons Why Quitting Cigarettes Cold Turkey Sucks

So you are ready to quit – for good this time! You thought smoking was “cool” when you started… Now it’s just expensive. It is common knowledge that continuous smoking may cause cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. However, despite this, there are still many who wants to smoke. So it is easy to try and go cold turkey when giving up...


How to Use a Nicorette Inhalator

So you want to quit smoking… but there is something about that 5 minute break, with the cigarette sits in your hands, you press it to your lips… and you unwind from the days stresses – even if for only 5 minutes. Giving up smoking is a three part process 1 kicking the nicotine addiction, 2 kicking the physical hand to...


5 Stop Smoking Products in the Spotlight

When it comes time to quitting smoking its important to choose the right products to get the nicotine monkey off your back, so you can focus all of your energy towards staying off the smokes. Withdrawl from nicotine can have all sorts of nasty side effects, that is why many people reach for nicotine replacement products that help curb their craving...