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Snorenz (Snoreeze) Throat Spray 22ml Long Lasting Snoring Relief. Proven and Effective from an easy to use anti-snoring throat spray.
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Snorenz (Snoreeze) Throat Spray 22ml

Do you want to give yourself and your partner's the greatest gift of all - a peaceful night's sleep? Look no further because Snorenz (Snoreeze) Throat Spray 22ml can Help reduce your snoring problems, giving you a much more relaxing, deep sleep with every use!

What is this product?
The Snorenz formula is special combination of micro-encapsulated natural oils designed to work throughout the night, giving you a deep, peaceful and relaxing sleep.

What does this product do?
Snorenz Throat Spray works by Helps lubricate the tissues at the back of your throat that causes the snoring noise and Helps reduce the vibrations that can cause snoring.

What are the causes of snoring?
Snoring is usually happens when there is a partial collapse of the soft tissues at the back of the throat. It produces a  snoring noise when these tissues vibrate. Age, sinus or nasal problems, and even being overweight are just some of the factors that may cause snoring.

How should I use it?
  • Shake bottle before use.
  • Tilt head back and spray 3 times towards the back of the throat.
  • Use it every night to get optimal results.

Are there any precautions that I should know about?
Consult your doctor before use especially if you are pregnant.
Keep out of children's reach.
Store it below 25c.
Seek a doctor's advice if you have sleep apnea.

You and your partner can now get a good night's sleep with every use of Snorenz (Snoreeze) Throat Spray 22ml everyday! See pack for best results.

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