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You have set your mind on quitting. It's time to get the support your need to reach your goal with Nicotine Gum so those pesky nicotine withdrawl issues do not get in your way. Since 1997, thousands of smokers have stopped smoking with our help and saved lots of money in the process.  Why pay up to $60 a box when with topbrandsforless you can pay as little as $19 for a comparable sized box of nicotine gum? SAVE 20-80% on your quit smoking nicotine gum products.  TopBrandsForLess stocks all of your favourite nicotine gum brands  Nicorette Gum, Nicotrol Gum, Habitrol Gum along with other quit smoking Nicorette Inhalers, Nicorette Quickmist, Habitrol Lozenges, Nicorette Cool Drops, Nicorette Invisi Patches.  SHIPS INTERNATIONALLY IN AS LITTLE AS 6 DAYS.
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Nicorette 2mg Classic Gum helps you quit smoking by reducing the unpleasant effects of withdrawal from nicotine. Nicorette Gum is the brand leader in nicotine replacement therapy for the millions of smokers looking to quit. Great Bulk Value.

How does Nicotine Gum work?

When you have a strong craving for a cigarette the nicotine gum works by giving you the nicotine your body craves during smoking withdrawal in a safe, measured way. This is called nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Nicotine gum gently release nicotine into the bloodstream through the lining of your mouth as you chew. This frees your mind up to stay away from cigarettes and be mindful of your triggers. Once you have got used to not lighting a cigarette every day you can gradually reduce the strength of the gum until you are no longer dependent on nicotine.

What is the difference between each brand?

They all contain the same active ingredient, but some in different flavours and strengths to suit your tastes.

Habitrol Gum - This is identicle to Nicotinell Brand nicotine gum. HABITROL Gum one of the world's leading aid to quit smoking and to fight the undesirable effects of nicotine withdrawal symptoms caused by giving up smoking

Nicorette Gum - Quitting with the world's leading brand, Nicorette, is fast, affordable and convenient with TopBrandsForLess. Nicorette gum is the brand leader in nicotine replacement therapy for the millions of smokers looking to quit. This comes in the original classic variety and a Icy White Teeth Whitening variety

Nicotrol Gum -  Nicotrol which is a generic alternative to Nicorette meaning you can save over 75% on regular drugstore prices.
The best thing is that Nicotrol works. Nicotine gum is a proven technology that has helped millions of smokers quit and it can help you to do the same. Nicotrol is made by Pharmacia AB and is intended to help you, the smoker, quit smoking.

What Strength gum do I need to buy?

Smoke less than 20 Cigarettes a day? - the 2mg regular strength is a great option.
Smoke more than 40 cigarettes a day? The 4mg extra strength is for you to get on top of nicotine withdrawl, then you can gradually ween yourself down to the 2mg then away from the gum all together.

How many pieces can I use a day?

Most quitters find 8 - 12 peices is enough - you should not use more than 25 peices in one day.

Why buy Nicotine Gum from TopBrandsForLess (Formerly Pharmacy Express)

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